Danny Trekking with Skillet

by Loma Moser in General

Check out this short clip from Danny as he shares his thoughts on Skillet, Appreciation and finding a burden in our hearts for Forgiveness!    


by Loma Moser in General

Yesterday I found myself Celebrating Independence, although not exactly as expected on the Fourth of July. It was only the third day in a month that I was able to sleep eight hours, so by the time got up, walked our two Danes and made breakfast, it was late morning. My husband and I listened […]

How laundry stretched my faith

by Loma Moser in General

I never considered laundry to be much of a faith-stretching activity. I mean it’s not as if loading clothes into one machine, pushing buttons and later moving them to another machine is difficult. Rote, boring and tedious in the folding/hanging stage? Sure. But the only faith needed is in the ability of the washer tub […]

Eternity, Pounding On My Heart

by Loma Moser in General

I peered out the window and smiled as the sun briefly peeked back between blustery grey clouds. It seemed like eternity had passed since the rain began days earlier leaving only short interludes into which I dared to walk our Great Danes around the neighborhood. I made the 1.25 mile trek with my ten month […]

Getting My House in Order

by Loma Moser in General

Getting My House in Order sounds like it should be a pretty simple thing to do, right? As part of my self-challenge in August to weed out life’s “non-essential” things in order to lead a life focused on deliberate “essentialism,” I quickly honed in on removing physical clutter. I don’t know about you, but piles […]

A Manifesto for a Non-Essential Life: Day 1

by Loma Moser in General

I was listening to a podcast the other day on “Essentialism” as I bounced back and forth across the back yard on the riding mower. (Having a Great Dane who likes to dig requires pot hole-evading driving skills and better tractor suspension than I possess!) As the interviewer, Jeff Goins, probed a brilliant author about his […]

When I say, “I’m praying”…

by Loma Moser in General

When I scroll through social media and see that tragedy abounds, my first response is to offer prayer. So when I say, “I’m Praying!” …I’d better be sure I AM! What good is it to TELL people you “will” pray for them, if you don’t GUARANTEE that it happens? (I can only guarantee it if […]

Practice the PAUSE

by Loma Moser in General

I don’t know about you, but I don’t Practice the Pause enough…

I can too easily react to another’s actions or words (whether in person or on a digital screen) when I’m already tired, doubting myself or my purpose or I’m angry. And when I’m hurt? Whew! That is a serious trigger for my mouth to start shooting out ammo before my mind begins sorting out a better game plan.


ThisNoOne...Pause and Pray

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