THIS NO ONE: Unspeakable Sorrow, Impossible Forgiveness: Living in Terms of Eternity


“come walk with me. i never said it would be easy, just that it would be worth it” -Quinn Tyler Stinson

11:55 pm…Florida Highway Patrolmen pounded on the front door, setting in motion every parent’s worst nightmare: Bad motorcycle accident. Dark. Raining. Hit-and-run driver. Quinn died instantly…A mother’s life crashed into the reality of eternity-her firstborn child’s eternity-with the force of a hurricane leaving in its wake unimaginable pain and a relentless pursuit of her faith and sanity.

Her faith was strengthened by the understanding she would one day be reunited with her son in heaven as Christ Followers, but forgiving those who ripped him from her life in a violent and senseless manner seemed impossible…How could a mother find the obedience to forgive, when in truth, she didn’t even want to forgive those who left her son in the middle of a dark, wet street?

The only thing that could transform unspeakable sorrow into seemingly impossible forgiveness was the very presence of Jesus beside her and a deep, flowing river of God’s love. So He opened the floodgates, and He poured love over her.

From the author, Loma Moser:

“This is more than a grief story…This is Quinn’s VICTORY story, and we share it for God’s glory!

 This No One reveals the greatest lessons my family and I learned horrifying tragedy: Living in Terms of Eternity is possible with the Promise of the Lord’s faithful presence, love and grace; Christ’s assurance of eternal salvation for believers; the reliance on unmatched power of prayer; and the knowledge of the “terrible fullness of forgiveness” being the foundational need of all of humanity! 

When my son wrote on his Facebook wall the opening quote above, my first thought was, “Son, every single second of the privilege of being your Momma–all the love and all the pain–has been worth it!!” We never expected that call to become my invitation to the readers of This No One, but it is pointedly appropriate. I deliberately wrote our story, minute by minute and day by day, in raw detail without censoring the pain, the struggle or the reality of what we experienced. My hope is that in feeling the depths of our anger and sorrow you will also witness the power of God’s amazing grace that has forgiven us and taught me to forgive the unforgivable! 

In writing and sharing THIS NO ONE, Christ has brought Danny and me from barely surviving one of the most traumatic experiences a parent can imagine to thriving in a new mission for our lives.  


THIS NO ONE, Loma Moser