THIS NO ONE (aka, TN1)


We all feel like No One at some point in the craziness of our everyday lives. I know I have. But finding a poem titled THIS NO ONE on my son’s laptop after the tragic motorcycle accident that put him on an early flight to heaven at just 25 years old was more than I could bear. He was never a No One…So I re-wrote that narrative, saving only the title, to show just how special Quinn is–and YOU ARE–to the the Creator of the Universe (and of course to his Momma).

Quinn Stinson, ThisNoOne.com

And after thinking it through I decided being “No One” in the eyes of the rich and famous, the cool kids or the world’s culture as a whole was something I celebrated! Quinn figured out we can’t chase the glitz and glamour of the world and still be useful servants of Christ. So I proudly proclaim, as Quinn so publicly did, “I’m a Christ Follower!” I am Someone in the culture of the coming Kingdom of God.

“This No One found he’s Someone to the only One who saves! How can I be No One when JESUS knows my name?”

I cannot harbor unforgiveness for my “neighbor” when Christ bled on the cross so that I could be forgiven. God’s Son died so my son could live, eternally! I pray everything I do now, beginning with sharing Quinn’s story in this book, will serve Christ by serving the lost or the hurting while we still have time. Our Hope is on a Mission to show others that the joy of the Lord prevails, even during unhappy and heartbreaking circumstances. Each brick we lay in the building of the Kingdom is celebrated in heaven, where our loved ones await “That Glorious Day” when we, too, will meet Jesus face to face and be reunited them. I will do my utmost to be your fearless leader in this Tribe of Hope, to encourage, lift and share the love of Christ with you, my Tribe!

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