"Come walk with me. I never said it would be easy, just that it would be worth it!"

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THIS NO ONE, Loma Moser

About Loma

Loma Moser is a reader, a writer and a runner...an addict of early mornings, strong coffee and books she can't put down. She is a mother of three who writes to "get real" about life's struggles with faith, fear, grief, forgiveness, and the love of Jesus Christ.

She began her writing career with Scripps Howard News Service at the Vero Beach Press Journal in the late nineties before moving to Brevard County in 2002. She graduated from University of Central Florida’s Burnett Honors College in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree. THIS NO ONE is her first book.

Loma lives in Palm Bay, Florida with her husband Danny, and their Great Danes.

THIS NO ONE, 2016 by Loma Moser www.ThisNoOne.com

THIS NO ONE: Unspeakable Sorrow, Impossible Forgiveness: Living in Terms of Eternity

  “come walk with me. i never said it would be easy, just that it would be worth it” -Quinn Tyler Stinson 11:55 pm…Florida Highway Patrolmen pounded on the front door, setting in motion every parent’s worst nightmare: Bad motorcycle accident. Dark. Raining. Hit-and-run driver. Quinn died instantly…A mother’s life crashed into the reality of […]

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Danny Trekking with Skillet

by Loma Moser in General

Check out this short clip from Danny as he shares his thoughts on Skillet, Appreciation and finding a burden in our hearts for Forgiveness!    

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by Loma Moser in General

Yesterday I found myself Celebrating Independence, although not exactly as expected on the Fourth of July. It was only the third day in a month that I was able to sleep eight hours, so by the time got up, walked our two Danes and made breakfast, it was late morning. My husband and I listened […]

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@ Cor 5:17 The old has passed away...

How laundry stretched my faith

by Loma Moser in General

I never considered laundry to be much of a faith-stretching activity. I mean it’s not as if loading clothes into one machine, pushing buttons and later moving them to another machine is difficult. Rote, boring and tedious in the folding/hanging stage? Sure. But the only faith needed is in the ability of the washer tub […]

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